Nearly every plant or flower being moved in a shipping box shares a common enemy: Botrytis cinerea. This widespread pathogen thrives in the high moisture of shipping containers and causes the dreaded disease Botrytis Blight, aka Gray Mold. Nearly any greenhouse-grown plant or flower can be effected.

Floralife® TransportCARE™ Paper is a postharvest waxed tissue formulated to slow the spread of pathogen spores like Botrytis cinerea in shipping. Convenient and easy to use, Floralife® TransportCARE™ Paper sheets are designed to fit most common shipping boxes and deliver the right amount of treatment per box. Impregnated with chlorine dioxide-releasing compounds, TransportCARE™ Paper reacts to relative humidity above 40% – the same conditions where pathogens thrive.

Effective for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated shipments, TransportCARE™ Paper comes in 10” x 40” sheets and includes a re-sealable moisture bag.

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