When it comes to poinsettia propagation, five days is an eternity. Developed specifically for valuable poinsettia cuttings, our WEDGE® Plus Growing Medium is a true performance breakthrough – shortening poinsettia propagation by an incredible five full days compared to our standard OASIS® WEDGE® Growing Medium.

Using our own extensive research, with input from leading university partners and growers worldwide, we designed WEDGE® Plus foam for less water drainage than traditional WEDGE® foam, with a plant-friendly formula offering the perfect air-to-water ratio for healthy growth and uniform root development. Your poinsettias won’t just propagate faster, they’ll be easier to transplant, suffer less transplant shock and establish themselves more quickly after transplant. You’ll see better crop uniformity, less shrink, and faster crop turns – for better efficiency and faster response to last-minute orders.

WEDGE® Plus media is just one more example of our commitment to finding new ways to make growing a little easier and more productive for growers of all sizes.

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