Sometimes, you need a whole lot of propagation without a lot of square footage. That’s where our XP-System® growing media comes in. Based on the remarkable rooting performance of ROOTCUBES® Growing Media, the XP-System® was developed to let you root more plants in the same space. Its smaller-size cell format allows quick rooting of small plant cuttings in a high-density arrangement. It’s a simple equation: maximum density leads to maximum productivity and maximum profitability.

For easy handling and water management, the XP-System® Sub-Irrigation Tray is specially designed to deliver slow drainage, better water uptake and ideal aeration. Just fill the tray with water, stick unrooted cuttings in the dibble hole and mist your plants as usual. They will be well rooted and ready to transplant or ship in no time. Speaking of shipping, the system’s compact footprint increases efficiency and savings there too.
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